20 de Octubre de 2024

9no. Festival de Bomba y Plena en Tampa


The festival celebrates the richness of Puerto Rico’s culture, record breaking crowds have been present for the past years at the “Festival de Bomba and Plena en Tampa, Inc., is a free community event.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity dedicated to helping our communities. Proceeds are donated to local organizations who assist families in times of tragedy, emergency.

In previous years the festival provided donations to, children and adults 8 years of age and older with intellectual and developmental disabilities. “Fundación Rafael Cepeda Atiles” that provides free education of cultural music to low-income families in Puerto Rico. Summer camp for children’s who has suffer burns.

This is an experience where everyone participates in playing instruments (“Panderos, Barriles, Cuas, Guiros, and Chequeres”) and singing along with the Artist to interact in the best traditional essence of the music from Puerto Rico in Florida and beyond!

Enjoy LIVE cultural music featuring entertainers from Puerto Rico, and the USA.

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